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“Keep Calm and Commit Sociology”

In Education Policies, Trending News On May 3, 2013

Thus reads the slogan on a collection of new, red, shiny promotional buttons from a group of academics. The slogan was created… Read More »


May 6: Space Will Echo with the Sound of Music

In Technology, Trending News On May 1, 2013

May 6 marks a day that will literally be out of this world for music students across Canada. That morning (11 am… Read More »


U.S. Enrollment Increasing in Canada’s Post-Secondary Institutions

In College/University, Trending News On April 30, 2013

More and more American students are choosing to enroll in Canadian post-secondary colleges and universities to earn their post-secondary educations. Why? For… Read More »

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Ontario Teachers: 84% in Favor of New Provincial Deal

In Education Policies, Trending News On April 19, 2013

Ontario’s public high school teachers were 84 percent accepting of a new deal that renegotiated the conditions imposed by Bill 115. The… Read More »


New Loan Forgiveness Guidelines for Medical Graduates in Canada

In College/University, Trending News On April 18, 2013

The government of Canada has developed a new tactic for getting qualified medical professionals to remain in Canada post-graduation—with student loan forgiveness!… Read More »

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Climate Change Introduced to U.S. Science Curriculum

In Education Policies, Trending News On April 17, 2013

For the first time, American middle and high school curriculums will find climate change as a lesson of focus in science education. On Tuesday,… Read More »