us students in canadaMore and more American students are choosing to enroll in Canadian post-secondary colleges and universities to earn their post-secondary educations.


For the simple fact that paying for an education in Canada is much cheaper!

In fact, tuition costs at private U.S. universities come with a monster price tag—on average $32,000 each year! That compared to $5,000 in tuition fees for a year of undergraduate studies in Canada.

Statistics from the Institute for College Access & Success show that American enrollment has risen in Canadian colleges by 50 percent, consistently over the past decade as opposed to the choice of taking out a hefty student loan to pay the education bill in their own country (i.e., a few American universities charge up to $50,000 per semester of learning).

It really is a no-brainer, admits Jamie Berk, a fourth-year McGill student from Pennsylvania, who says, “When the financial packages came in [I learned that] McGill is ranked 18thon US News & World Report’s ranking of the world’s 400 best universities…it’s referred to the “Harvard of the North…[and] I believe I’m paying at most $20,000 with tuition and housing, which is a little less than half of what a lot of Americans pay for private university.”